Matt Powelson

Matt Powelson


I’m an Attorney. I’m a Potter. In both cases, I take something muddy and messy and strive to create a great result.

Specializing in trademark and copyright law for 15 years has helped prepare me for this world of pottery. It takes strategy, vision, and intentional work to achieve any goal – I just have different materials to work with in each role.

While I did throw and hand-build some pieces as a child, I had little exposure to pottery for decades. Fast forward to 2013 when I toured open pottery studios around Athens, Georgia. That led to taking classes and then to an apprenticeship under Jerry and Kathy Chappelle where I continue to advance my skill, technique, and style. Thanks Jerry and Kathy!

Mixing my own clay and glazes from scratch is an important aspect to my work. Doing so allows me to be involved in all facets of making a beautiful piece of pottery and all of my work is hand made. My focus is functional production pottery inspired by a mix of western landscapes, nature, modern architecture, and industrial design. These influences are revealed in the style, shape, surface decoration, and color of my work.

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