Isaac Howard

Isaac Howard


Isaac HowardI strive to create work that accentuates the sensual experience of our daily habits and rituals. I am interested in exploring our relationships with pots by relating nature and the inherent body language that can be seen in pottery.

We describe pottery in human terms: pots have lips to drink from, necks, shoulders, bellies, and feet that carry.  This association with the human body may be a pot’s most potent way to relate to the user and enhance the experience of eating and drinking.  To me this is what makes pottery singular.

My introduction to clay was in high school in 1998 under the tutelage of David Christy. I graduated in 2001 and apprenticed that year with my brother Jeremy Noet. Since then I have moved studios several times, made pots at Pottery Northwest in Seattle and eventually settled into a studio for several years in Bellingham, just upstairs from Good Earth Pottery.

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