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Becky Feder at The Pink Rooster Art Gallery in Ocean Springs, MississippiBecky Feder

July 23, 1954 – October 28, 2015

Pottery Artist

My name is Becky Adams Feder and I was born on July 23, 1954 in Biloxi, Mississippi. I moved to Ocean Springs when I was 5 years old, where I grew up. I attended the University of Mississippi and majored in Journalism/Public Relations. After college, I married Ron Feder in 1975 and thus the adventure of life begins.

I had grown up in a home where my mother was an artist. She was a painter and a sculpture, so I was constantly surrounded by color and form. I was always intrigued by the whole process of creating beauty from a blank canvas and amazed at her ability to create a beautiful shape from a blob of clay.

Once my children were grown and gone I decided to do something for myself and focused my attention on taking a pottery class, I began by throwing on a wheel, but after a serious shoulder injury, I was forced to try hand building. Well it was there that I found my passion. I loved the organic shapes I was able to create and enjoyed trying new combinations of glazes. It is somewhat like giving birth to a child. From the beginning to the end of each piece is like a great adventure. I started getting great reviews from friends and family so I decided to sell my pieces in a Gallery in Biloxi. After a successful run in the Gallery, I took some time off to travel with my husband.

I am honored to have been selected by Linda G. Rosetti to show my work in her beautiful gallery. I hope you enjoy it.


Becky Feder at The Pink Rooster Art Gallery in Ocean Springs, MIssissippiAcknowledgment

Becky Feder was an amazing women. She played a part in the lives of so many and left a never-ending inspiration.
Becky was the highlight of our day when she stopped by to drop off her unique pottery creations, always with a smile, laughter and interesting story to tell ,we hung on to every word with amazement.
When Becky came by she was the one person I would drop what I was doing to visit with and to absorb her enthusiasm about whatever happened to be going on at the time. She was truly a treat and I can’t express how much we will miss her.
The loss that I feel after only knowing Becky for a few years is overwhelming and still difficult to process.

I can only imagine how those who grew up with Becky and were so fortunate as to have spent much time with her must feel. Those treasured memories will be our strength to move into today and the impressions that Becky made on our lives will be the inspirations for our tomorrows.
I was proud to have been Becky’s representative for her beautiful works of art. She was a very talented artist and showed great respect and loyalty to us as her gallery, for this we were very grateful.
I can hear her say ” Girlllll I have gotta get outa here, I have sooooo much to do”.
She lived life to the fullest.
You go, girl, but you will never be forgotten.
With loving memory forever
To Becky