Mixed Media with Contemporary Ideas


Patt Odom

February 16th-20th


Lunch included


India Ink


Oil Pastels; (a very small jar with lid of mineral spirits or turp.)


Kilz’s (Acrylic Only)

Gel Medium

ice scrape (for windshields) different sizes

Cotton rags  (old t shirts best)

paper towels

palette or old oil cloth

cans for liquid

collage papers (special papers, newspaper, stamps, wrapping papers, Japanese/Chinese/vietnamese papers, gold, etc)

photos to paint from

yup paper at least 4 sheets

canvas at least 18X24, at least 2 ?

Acrylic paints:     Cad. yellow light and medium, Grumbaugher red or cad. red light, Aliz. crimson, ultra marine blue, Thalo blue

                            jenkins green, sap green, Thalo green, paynes gray, titanium white.

                            (any others colors you use or like)

Objectives for the workshop:

 We will explore the differences between: realism, abstraction and non-objective, doing a painting of each.

     we will take one subject and execute it in each of these 3 ways.

 We will be using a multiple of materials and media for them.

     (we will complete at least 3 paintings; probably more)

 We will study new ways of creating a composition (rather than using the ole “stage set” motif).

 Time will be spent studying the application of paint as well as brush work.

 TECHNIQUES to be used and explored:

  straight painting on canvas.

 print making


 fractured space

 scraping/mixing paint color

 Motion: lost and found space, subject matter

 negative and positive painting

 projection of space