Sarah Henderson

Sarah Henderson

Jewelry Artist

About the Artist

Sarah Henderson is a 25 year old artist, born and raised in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington. She has been working with wire since fourth grade, originally making faces inspired by Alexander Calder’s work. While experimenting with various materials and making different kinds of crafts to sell at holiday bazaars throughout her junior high school years, she discovered repurposed electrical wire, which is now the only material she uses.
Sarah continued to make and sell copper jewelry throughout high school and college. After completing as Associated of the Arts degree and doing some traveling, she has decided to focus on making her jewelry and selling it in gift shops and art galleries throughout Washington and the US.


About the Art

Copper Creations jewelry is made from repurposed electrical wire. The wire is stripped of its insulation with a knife or wire strippers and then straightened and polished with steel wool. After the wires are formed into shapes using round-nose pliers, they are coated with a clear finish to prevent tarnishing. The earwires are 100% sterling silver (not silver-plated), and will not irritate sensitive skin.


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