Deborah Jordan Sackett Glass ArtistDeborah Jordan Sackett

Glass Artist

Hand painted glass in itself beckons special attention and every piece is designed and painted through enchantment inspired by aquatic, architectural, and mythical elements. Art on Glass to renew your spirits! Custom designs that are painted, cured and oven fired in exacting temperatures, adding to the durability of each piece making them highly resistant to normal handling. Re-visiting a theme is my delight as I see new ways to interpret and build on its idea. Most always I am moved through inspiration in the creative process each piece will always be uniquely yours and like no other. Personalizing an art piece for you is truly a labor of love from me to you. It is my love for the gulf waters and admiration of the universe above me, that was created in the heavens first, which inspires the work you see. Painting on glass is a product of my creative soul’s evolution of expression.

Deborah Jordan Sackett

Biloxi, Mississippi born; raised in Alaska in a two room cabin, literally growing up on the east side of Jewel Lake on the water’s edge where dragonfly’s crawled from the waters with wings; and water lilies reached toward the sky beneath the water’s surface out from silky muck; I am forever inspired from that presence; My memories flourish………… Each day salutes a new world. And at each sunrise everything is eternally new. Both heritages influenced my art expression which you see today.

Living in a cabin I only had room for a pencil and paper; drawing illustration pieces, figurative works and portraiture’s. I was introduced to watercolor in the late seventies and I fell in love with wax pastels in the nineties by artist teacher Terri Blake Edwards through local art associations. Pastels are my favorite median to paint portraits and portraiture’s.

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