Joyce Bradley at Pink RoosterJoyce Bradley


 My Pieces use a loose approach, colorful palette, and a depth of perspective-allowing viewers to be drawn into the painting. I’m equally comfortable painting landscape, seascapes, or abstract expressionism.

          Raised in Mississippi, one of two children, it was there I first fell in love with the natural world. I try to balance composition and the scenes content, always pushing creativity to capture emotion.

I strive for a luminescent quality in each painting with satisfaction in making a simple subject compelling. I paint in oils on canvas with a small palette knife; this allows me to be more of a pure colorist.

          My collectors often express to me the feeling of calmness, serenity, and the feeling of being present in the scene.

          I don’t draw anything out on canvas before I begin. I start just with paint, canvas, a little talent, and a lot of hard work.



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